I know this is already discussed multiple times, and SA recruiting is not officially over. But wanted to have a headstart and a better understanding of how FT recruiting works.

I go to a non-HYP ivy with a 3.8 GPA, good club. Accepted an offer from top MM (Blair/HL/Baird) in a non-NY office. It was early in the spring, and took it, thinking I should be grateful given my international status and the firm was willing to sponsor. However, having more conversations with friends and where I want to spend my 20's, NY would be better for me, at least out of college. 

  1. My understanding of how FT works is, reach out to people at banks in the early weeks of summer (3-6th), show some interest, and reach out to them again after getting an FT offer. Is this the right approach?

  2. Also, would friends interning there now (so will be starting during my SA internship) or joining in the following summer be able to let me know if there's a spot opening or potentially push my resume forward when the time comes?

  3. How difficult is it to network with people in NY from another city? I assume things should be back to normal by the summer of 2022, and think networking effort for NY would be limited from another city?

Thanks so much.

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