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Hello everyone! 

Quick rundown on me for perspective: BBA from small state, MBA from Xavier (definitely non-target), current online MSF student at Olin Business School-WUSTL. Over 15 years of operations management experience. Came off active duty in 2019, worked for a FMCG company, recalled to active duty. Moving back from Germany next summer. 

I am starting to get curious about Middle Office options and possibly Back Office. I have a family, so I am not dying to work crazy hours all the time. Just looking for decent pay, growth opportunities, and the opportunity to move fully into finance. 

What are your thoughts/advice on targeting a MO job? What could potential salary and career options really look like (I have seen a spread on here and online elsewhere)? Are there solid options outside of the NYC area?

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Oct 12, 2021 - 6:22am

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