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Hi all,

Curious if anyone in growth equity could talk through what an average sourcing call looks like - e.g. first couple minutes just shooting the shit and the remainder really trying to dig into the company and acquire as much info on metrics as you can (e.g. ARR, LTV, CAC, etc)? 

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  • VP in PE - Growth
May 2, 2021 - 6:48pm

They tend to be extremely formulaic at this point b/c sourcing is such a known quantity - companies all know the song and dance, and so do all the firms. 5 years ago, there were far fewer firms sourcing so it was pretty unique company to company:

-Small Talk

-You give a quick intro to x fund (size of companies, type of companies, size of deals, etc.)

-They ask questions (relevant portfolio companies, typical hold period, age of fund, what you know about space/company, etc.)

-CEO gives quick intro to company (high level overview of what they do, where they are at, funding history, etc.)

-You ask questions (how do they win competitively, go-to-market, are they fundraising)

-You both are assessing fit and establish a next step (not a fit, immediate follow-up, longer term stay in touch)

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