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Oct 12, 2014

I'll try to help. I got an offer to Moelis NY but went GS/MS/JPM instead. I'll try to add some color, but note the location - it could be a lot different for their London office.

First round was pretty technical. Built a DCF over the phone and did some serious accounting work (read: multi-stage problems with debt/equity components). Also did a very small case regarding LBO candidates that really just required knowing what kinds of firms are solid LBO candidates and some critical thinking.

The superday was only 3 interviews which I found to be incredibly short compared to the BB superdays I was going through. There were two behavioral interviews and one technical. The superday technical interview focused mostly on merger model stuff, but a classmate's got heavily into an it looked like we just get a flavor of whatever the associates interviewing were currently working on.

Hope that's of at least some help. I noticed I got more, "Can you handle this?" type questions at Moelis than anywhere else...which I took to be indicative of the analyst culture at the firm. Based on that aforementioned classmate that took the job, I think I was right!

Regardless, great firm. Good luck with it, and hope that was at least a little helpful despite the difference in locations.

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Oct 13, 2014

Thanks mate. Did you or anyone else have to do a case study?

Oct 13, 2014

Thanks mate. Did you or anyone else have to do a case study?

There was one but it was a very small LBO case. They gave me a company type and description of its operations, and we went from there. I got asked what about the company made it a good target and what I was concerned about. They switched it up after my initial answers and adjust certain facets of the operations. I didn't receive financials or anything.

Oct 13, 2014

ok cheers

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