Monday Morning Market Brief

Here is your Monday update for what's been happening in Australia and around the world to start the week off.
In The Markets

Shares in the Australian markets are expected to open higher after positive leads from the overseas markets last week. The SPI200 futures contract started up 0.88% or 53 points, with a respectable 6,066.0, which has suggested to analysts an early bounce for the benchmark s&p and ASX200 on Monday.
Friday on Wall Street, the Dow Jones closed up over 1.7% which was a significant move, the S&P 500 followed suit and increased by 1.09% and the NASDAQ still up but not as much closed 0.61 per cent increase. The Australian Dollar is currently buying for 71.35 US cents from 70.92 cents on Friday.
After the Royal Commission's final report, bank shares sky rocketed as we all saw, which faced scrutiny and many a question from critics and analysts who all asked whether the recommendations were stringent enough. However as we have seen over the past few weeks banks have been showing very positive results over the month and we are only halfway through
Around the globe

Businesses in Europe and the UK are bracing themselves for the uncertain times set to be brought by a no deal Brexit. The Dutch government has encouraged Entrepreneurs in their country to conduct Brexit Impact Scans, however with less than 40 days to go, UK businesses across the country are starting to implement and test their emergency Brexit preparations. British regional Airline Flybmi has gone into administration, with Brexit seemingly to blame. The sudden impact of the administration has left Flybmi Customers stranded at airports with no explanation or assistance.
Ongoing US China trade talks appear to be heading in the right direction, with Donald Trump going as far to say "it's going extremely well". This may ease the tension many international businesses are facing
Over the weekend

Some of the biggest names in the internet space including Google, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube have been in the firing line, the companies have been called out for failing to commit to an increase in user protection laws and regulations. Social media giants, have been told they should feel ashamed of doing the bare minimum to protect people online, and will be facing sweeping new laws which will effectively do the job for them.
A recent report coming from Australia has recommended major changes to online privacy laws which will effectively counter cyberbullying, revenge porn, and harassment. The international community has been looking into the report and agrees, that increasing the regulations that social media must adhere to, will be beneficial to all internet users.
It has been reported that the banking watchdog ASIC, under new regulations, will soon be given the go ahead to start punishing the big banks with bigger repercussions. A monumental piece of legislation passed at the senate on Thursday that will strengthen the regulators existing penalties
That's your Monday morning brief, with plenty set to happen in the markets these next few weeks globally there is going to be plenty for investors to keep an eye on. With a no-deal Brexit heading full force towards the UK and Europe, time will tell exactly what position the UK markets will be in in the next few quarters.

Sandra Huang - Syracuse Group

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Feb 26, 2019