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Comments (4)

Jun 29, 2007

i have a few friends who work for monitor in chicago and boston. money is obviously not as good as banking, but it's a relatively good firm to work for. both of my friends have really enjoyed their experiences. the vault guide is a very good resource.

Jun 29, 2007

what exactly do you mean by the money not being as good?

what do you think the total income is for a first year associate out of undergrad after salary and bonus?

Jun 29, 2007

bananas means that generally, consultants don't make as much money (and they're lifestyle is way better/hours better/more interesting/etc.). First year associates in the top 4 consulting firms are definitely not making bonuses of 80-90k their first year out. But of course, they have the opportunity to enjoy life more.

Monitor is a great place to work, from what I hear. A bunch of my friends are starting there this fall, many of whom were summer interns. Solid work experience, and great thing to have on your resume.

Jun 29, 2007