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Hi! I have been lurking here for a while but finally decided to make my own topic especially since my own HF experience started a few months ago. I am looking for some tips as I am having second thoughts and maybe someone here had a similar experience and is willing to share it.

A little about myself:

I don't think I am a typical HF guy. I graduated from economics field but have never done an internship (or even worked for anyone for that matter). I was trading virtual currencies and playing online poker when one day I decided I wanted something different and got into a local hedge fund.

So whats up

1) I am learning a lot. How HFs work, how they make money, about my industry, etc. Knowledge-wise this is fantastic
2) Long term potential. This is why I decided to come here - all the stuff I was doing before seemed to have a limited upside and for what you achieve in HF sky is the limit.
3) I am doing well. I believe I am learning stuff quickly and at some points I feel like this is for me while at others moments I am thinking about my life and writing this topic :))

1) Short term costs. Compared to ratio of money earned and time put in my HF experience sucks. This I think is key difference between me and all other monkeys here thinking about quitting (yes I have read numerous topics). I have a clear alternative which would be generating more money with way less time put into it. But its all short term....
2) Affinity for numbers. I believe I am better with numbers than any of my peers and I am not using this to my advantage (this is pure fundamental HF, no quant stuff). Having strengths and not being able to put them into practice is not cool.

So this leads to my question - should I quit? I don't think any of you will answer my question but I believe most of you have more experience than me and hence can give me useful tips on how should I prioritize my pros&cons. Maybe all these doubts I am having are short term? Any contribution is appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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Apr 2, 2017

Do both? Play poker at work. What's the problem?

Apr 3, 2017

uhhhh......I got to model stuff.... I wish I could play....

Apr 2, 2017

Yeah.. first off I would edit out your name from your post, I mean, that's at least what I would do.... privacy and stuff OP...

I'm assuming you're at a small L/S Equity fund? If you don't like, if I were you, I would stick around long enough where I could get enough exposure / experience doing interesting work to make a solid resume section for it where I had 3-4 awesome points.

Apr 3, 2017

Yes, it is relatively small long short hf. How long is long enough? I have heard about few months of HF experience not looking good on CV and that's the main thing holding me back. Any more pro tips?

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Apr 5, 2017

Anything less than 2 years seems short, but I'd maybe start looking for a new gig after 6 months (just have to make sure this is one you'd want to stay at for 2 years. Too many short gigs start to scar your resume)

Apr 5, 2017
Apr 5, 2017