monkey job prospects for int'l students

Hey there,

I'm a first year MBA student at a fairly reputed regional school here at Houston. (You may bet, the initial R school)

Unfortunately I'm an international student from Asia, my previous w/e mainly in equity research and risk mgt area, covers energy sectors in China, of course I speak Mandarin Chinese as my native tongue.

I've heard of that major banks/big oils here don't hire internationals(at least, hire very infrequently).

So far I've collected or studying toward merely all credentials I could find in my area(CFA/CAIA/FRM/ERP), that won't be a problem in terms of knowledge base.

What should I need to do further if I want to end up with a job in US that match my previous experience? I'm not that ambitious to get a BB offer, just don't know what kind of jobs I could handle except those in finance areas.

Looking forward to inputs from monkeys.



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