Month Close Level of Involvement

I want to open a discussion on level of the level of involvement you as an:

  • FP&A (any level)
  • Manager of FP&A (any level)
  • Director of FP&A (any level)

are involved in month close procedures with accounting.

The scale I'm thinking is:

  1. Accounting closes 100% independently. I don't provide any guidance. They read out the IS, point out a change in MoM and point out changes to Forecast. We are 99% reliant on our data. 
  2. (same as 1), but I also provide guidance on when to accrue for business items that may not be in the 
  3. (provide your own detail)
  4. (provide your own detail)
  5. I am involved in all GL reviews. I help walk Revenue. I provide guidance on when to accrue for items that may not be in the data, but also sometimes when it is in our data. I am somewhat a gatekeeper, this is my primary job but I also conduct financial business support.
  6. (provide your own detail)
  7. (provide your own detail)
  8. (provide your own detail)
  9. (provide your own detail)
  10. My title should include "Manager of Accounting" on top of my current finance title. I tell Accounting when to accrue and when to release; if I don't, they won't. I walk revenue for them. I walk variances myself both MoM and Forecast. I write journal entries and then send them to accountants for them to load. They hate me, I hate them.

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