Hi, I wanted to get people's views on the above 2 roles in terms of learning opportunities, skills learned and exit-opps. I'm leaning towards Moody's because of the specific role and the amount of relevant skills I will learn. The moody's program sounds like it would be really relevant- to learn about the credit structure of companies, but there is a bias towards JPM because it is a bank and offers many more opportunities, while Moody's is only a credit rating agency. The JPM program is also rotational and there is a risk of getting any of the above roles without any focus on one specific skill. The JPM role is also very internal without much exposure to the market or clients. The role at Moody's is within corporate finance which allows for much more client exposure and focus on specific industries and companies' financials. Moody's also encourages and pays for CFA. JPM there is opportunity to maybe move within the firm but chances seem very slim. Pay is the same for both roles.
Does anyone have any other insights?