Morgan Stanley 2021 SA HireVue for Fixed Income/IED S&T or Prime Brokerage

Hi guys/gals. Anyone who did the HireVue for Morgan Stanley 2021 SA S&T in either FI/IED S&T or PBCS yet? If so, would you mind sharing the questions?

It almost seems eerie that I can easily find IB questions in the most 3 recent years - which appears to be unchanged - without even a single post even inquiring for S&T. I heard from an alum that apps are not even gonna be looked at until July but somehow my dumbass still do it early. Anyhow thank you for the help!!

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May 22, 2020 - 1:19pm

I applied to Fixed Income and there were 3 questions. I can only remember one with 100% confidence level: how do you keep up with the markets.
Clearly the final week caused some memory dysfunction.

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Jun 16, 2020 - 10:46pm

Did 2019 Hirevue for MS IED asian (non-HK) office. Questions were all behavioral like why S&T, what would make you a good hire, etc. Only the IED quant position (a separate job posting) had any technicals which was like one probability question and one asking about the inputs to the Black-Scholes model.

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  • Analyst 1 in S&T - FI
Sep 3, 2020 - 11:16pm

IED has started. They are still conducting first-round interviews. I think FID should start soon - they were originally scheduled to start in late August but will definitely be conducting them into mid-September. You get the email about a week before your interview, give or take. Superdays should take place in late September or October. Sophomore recruiting is pushed back a month from junior recruiting. 

- FID 1st year 

  • Analyst 1 in S&T - FI
Oct 2, 2020 - 3:00pm

Update: a handful of spots left in IED/FID (<5 each). Saved for superstars. If you don't yet have a super day (or at least 2nd round), likely not going to. If you do/did have a super day, should hear back in under a week, more likely a day or two if you actually got it. 

- FID 1st year

Oct 7, 2020 - 2:57pm

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  • Prospect in IB-M&A
Oct 2, 2020 - 6:12pm

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