Morgan Stanley NY office or branch?

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Hi all:
I'm currently a Wealth Management Intern with Morgan Stanley NJ branch office. I'm helping wealth management analyst do some research and portfolio construction works. Since it's a branch office and my team has only 13 people now, usually everyone is so quiet working on their own work and little interaction with others. My supervisor says we are planing to expand our group and would like to hire an analyst too. He said I was doing a really good job and would love to provide a full-time position or refer me to NY.
My question is I don't really like NY because of high living expense but I guess for a new graduate, working at NY would be a great benefit to get formal training and more opportunities to socialize with others. I don't know about the referral thing whether I choose a position or my supervisor let me know the opportunity from inner source. Also I would say best opportunity for me would be working in investment management or risk management division, as I'm learning FRM and CFA now and want to have more experience in this area.
So any suggestions whether I should stay at NJ branch office or try NY? Also what's the working environment at NY office? still small group and little interaction?
Many thanks