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Edupristine is one of the leading training providers in Finance International Certification training for CFA(r) course (Follows CFA(r) Institute Prep Provider Guidelines)
What is CFA(r) course?
A time when educational certification in major subjects is no longer an option but a mandatory document to further one's career, Chartered Financial Analyst(r) designation can come as a sigh of relief for everyone interested in the Finance field. A post Graduate Degree in Finance like CFA(r) Program can be your golden ticket to land in a high paying job. Unlike MBA, that only covers general aspects of management and business, CFA(r) course stresses more on Finance aspect.
The statistics are grim. In any given year, anywhere from 40% to 65% of candidates for each level pass their exams. This means that even with the most optimistic scenarios, statistically, less than 30% of those who begin the CFA course as level I candidates go on to pass level III.
The investment of time is crucial. The CFA Institute estimates that the average candidate should expect to spend at least 300 hours preparing for each level. In fact, the average candidate spent an average of 322 hours preparing for the exam (304 hours for level I; 329 hours for level II; 334 hours for level III).
Benefits of the CFA(r) Certification:
Today CFA(r) course in India is considered as the highest standard of professional excellence. If you are someone who wishes to get placed in elite company like Big Fours, then all it would take is passing the rigorous exams and confirming your mastery. This certification ensures that you are equipped with hands-on knowledge in the investment industry. To build remarkable reputation among your clients, employers or colleagues, you have to commit to ethical behavior and proficiency at work. Therefore, being a CFA charter will uplift your credibility in the eyes of clients and colleagues.

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Jan 29, 2018