Moving from a MO function (risk/finance) to banking?

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Hi all,

Long time lurker, first time poster.

I would appreciate your comments/thoughts. I am currently an associate in a BB MO role (think risk/finance) and would like to move transfer internally to banking (preferably M&A).

A bit of background. I have been working in MO for about 5 years now (current role just over 1 year) and have genuinely enjoyed the work I have been doing. I am now at the point where I feel like the work has gotten mundane, not being challenged anymore, and feel as though I need a career change. I like the firm I work for so would like to stay internally. I guess it would be an ideal time for me to get an MBA, but a combination of personal/financial circumstances don't allow me.

A few questions from my side:

  1. Is an MBA required for me to lateral at this point?
  2. If I were to start applying for roles internally, would I apply for Analyst or Associate level?
  3. Would it be easier to network internally or try and move externally? I do like my firm, and would like to stay here for now.
  4. Are there any other steps I can take (speak to manager, speak to HR) that could help put me in front people that have the ability to hire me?

Appreciate any comments/feedback!