Moving from Audit to Valuation Analyst

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Hi all,

My story:
I joined Deloitte as an Audit Analyst in July 2018 in a non-target country (CEE region). My goal from the start was to go to the IB or PE but I studied a non-target school in the UK. I did not get any offer from BIG 4 in the UK so I went home for a holiday, applied to PwC and Deloitte in my home country just for a fun and got an offer from both so I joined Deloitte shortly after.
TB originally I applied for a Corporate Banking position but got rejected as my accounting and financial statements skills were very bad back then.

Now, 6 months in I am planning to make my next move. Ideally, I want to get back to the UK to valuation's firm or some other investment analyst role. More realistically though, the second option is to stay another year in the CEE region, join valuation department of Deloitte or any other of the BIG 4 and then move directly to valuations within Big 4 or straight away to banking in the UK.

As I said I am 6 months in as an Audit Analyst atm and I don't have that many skills and knowledge about valuation nor about investment analysis. I bought some modeling courses from WSO but I am struggling to decide whether I should be applying for a job now hoping to learn on the way or just focus on the modeling courses despite possibly loosing on this year of applications.

What would you do, anyone in my situation?

I will appreciate any advice :)



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Dec 24, 2018