Moving from biglaw to finance (IB/PE)?

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I am currently working in the deal team of a top tier m&a firm in a european country for a little over a year. I have been into finance for a while (too late to make a change before starting the job I'd say). I'm assessing my career chances in law to be rather good but notice that I miss seeing the deals through and looking at the whole package from the economic side.

I am therefore thinking of wheter I should plan to make a move. at some point in the future. Has anyone here ever done this or know anyone who's done it recently? It seems many older people in finance have a law background but few young people do. It looks like most top level PE guys in europe used to work in management consulting before, so is that the best path or would a smarter way be trying to get into IB first (which I am assuming will be hard given my age)?

Thanks a lot, looking forward to some input!

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Sep 13, 2018