Moving from Boutique to BB as a VP

Curious to hear the community's views on moving from a boutique platform to a BB platform as a VP. I am an VP1 right now and am thinking about the move, honestly from a future coverage standpoint. The vertical I cover really requires delivering all products and not just M&A and its becoming increasingly clear that the runway for this industry for me will be longer at a BB where we can support debt / capital markets and the M&A advisory elements for the clients and not just M&A / shareholder / RX stuff.

Market is a bit hot right now, so think there may be some appetite for such a move, but curious if people have come across such moves in other times, where VP levels move from an EB to a BB (not at a Director / MD level where you could bank on client roster, but specifically at the VP level).

Thanks in advance for sharing! 

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  • Associate 1 in IB-M&A
May 13, 2021 - 1:44pm

By this, do you mean this is a recent phenomenon at your bank? Or have you seen that in pre-covid period as well?

Trying to figure out if I really need to capitalize on this market trend and move now, vs staying at current place, close on a few things in working on, get better experience in short term given platform continuity. Just not sure if that option doesn't exist (or to what extent available) once this "hot" job market settles down in coming months.

Also, what do you mean by guarantee? Just the make whole on the full year all-in? Or offer items as well?

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