Moving from Boutique to Top Tier

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So here is about myself: Finished undergrad x-US, then got an advanced degree from target school (I guess undergrad GPA is then not relevant, graduate GPA is high~3.8). currently working in a boutique consulting firm (small, focuses in a particular industry, but well respected in the industry) for ~2yrs. Had the opportunity to handle several projects almost all by myself at analyst level (small firm).

My current firm is more marketing/research focused and I'd love to move into a more strategy role at one of the top tier consulting firms. I do like my current industry and hope to stay in it and am not considering BSchool in the near term (1~2 years). Does anyone have experience/suggestions hopping consulting firms at this level?

-Should I go with campus recruiting or lateral recruiting? I'm a little reluctant to completely give up my 2yrs exp and compete with undergrad for first year analyst position (feel like i don't have much advantage for 1st yr analyst anyway?), but 2yr maybe not too meaningful for lateral hiring?

-I have read in a number of posts that networking is the key, but is there anything else I could do? Should I just keep cold calling alumnus/linkedin contacts hoping to get a referral some day? Should I work with a recruiter or apply online?

Thanks everyone for their suggestions!!!!!

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Jan 31,2012

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