Moving from Commercial Real Estate to the corporate side (Valuations)

Hi all,

A little background on me, I worked in Investment Research (macro research on discretionary portfolios) for a large PWM firm for a little over a year after interning there as well. I made the switch to CRE for asset level exposure. I work for a large brokerage now in the Valuation and Advisory department (6 months). Honestly it just isn't what I expected it to be and while there is no shortage to the work I am just not enjoying a large portion of it. There is much more qualitative work involved than quantitative which I was not expecting. I do spend some time financial modeling (lesser percentage of my time) through DCF's and Operating statement analysis, but it is not overall that complex and I would like to make a switch to the corporate side.

I would like to move into business valuation and am looking at programs with A/M, Stout, and a few other T2+ consulting firms. Would you guys see this skill set transferable to business side? I understand that I would essentially have to lateral, which is ok with me as I only graduated a year and a half ago. I have also completed level 1 of the CFA and am looking to sit for level 2 this July.

If anyone that works/worked in business val give some feedback that would be great.

Thanks in advance.

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Dec 12, 2018

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You're welcome.

Dec 17, 2018