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Hi! I just got accepted to Ross MBA, I have a background in real estate in Latin America and I would like to move to private equity in real estate and stay working in the states. At first I thought about IB in real estate but I think the hours will be better at REPE without sacrificing much salary? Am I correct? Can someone share their experiences? Thanks!!!

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Dec 6, 2020 - 12:53pm

I moved from development to REPE. I was an analyst at a large development firm mostly focused on acquisitions so the work was I doing was comparable to what an REPE analyst would have done. The fund I'm at now invests mostly in development or heavy value add projects in the same market so my understanding of the development process / local entitlement rules / market knowledge etc was helpful.

What is your background in development? If it was an acquisitions / capital raising focused role the skill set is transferable, whereas if it was more on the execution end (design, entitlement, construction etc) this will be more difficult. I'd identify what markets you want to work in and start networking heavily with the funds in these locations to see if you can land a Summer Associate position. 

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