Moving From Equity Research to Investment Banking and vice versa

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Hi Guys,

So one thing I've been really trying to figure out is Equity Research or Investment Banking.

I interned for 6 months in Equity Research and loved it and am studying for CFA. I loved the process, and consider myself not too quantitative and can give presentations/talk to people well. I haven't have the IB experience, but am also interested.

However, it seems as if I might start off in Investment banking. Would I be able to transfer from a small IB firm to BB Equity Research? I plan on going for my CFA level 1 and also would have the 63, 79, and 82.

Also would I be able to transfer from Equity Research to IB?

What skillset would be transferable/most valuable?

I understand how these have differing job functions and have some overlap in terms of a bit of similar modeling, just trying to get an idea of transferable skillset?


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May 15, 2018


Dec 21, 2017

I have a friend of mine who after a Summer within the IB of a BB wants to move in Equity Research. You can do it, but it's not easy, at least for them it hasn't been (they interned at GS/JPM/MS).
About the skillset - IB gives you def more opportunities for HF and PE

Dec 21, 2017