Moving from Europe to New Zealand to search for a job in the banking and financial industry , is it worth it?.

Hello everyone. I have been checking point based immigration programs (Canada, Australia and New Zealand) and the only one where I could be accepted is in New Zealand.However, i'm not sure if New Zealand market is too small to get an opportunities to work in investment banking, financial market analysis , investment analysis or private equity. Any thoughts?,or is better to wait 1/2 years to be an EU citizen and try to get a job in Switzerland,Germany or Austria? (I am almost fluent in German).

My background:

Im from South America (lets say Chile), with a British Political Science Degree and Finance Master Degree from a top 50-190  university (QS Global rankings, lets say Glasgow & Exeter), I worked for 1 year in Greece as a pension fund and savings & investment insurance analyst for Allianz Athens  but for the covid-19 crisis  I end up unemployed , I am almost 26 years old and I just have 1 year of experience . As a result, I am not sure what to do. I applied for the Greek citizenship so I should have an answer in 1 or 2 years but if I lose my Greek residency my Greek citizenship may be automatically rejected (it depends on how unlucky you are).  At least for now I don't want to try in Latin America. I am not sure in which area of finance I would like to work but for sure I am interested in investment analysis , financial markets and private equity.

I have two options: move to New Zealand and try to get a job there or wait for my EU citizenship and try to get a job in another EU country. For what I know New Zealand unemployment rate is much lower than in Greece but i'm not sure if their economy is too small with a small overall financial and banking industry if it is compared to Australia, Canada or Germany.Besides, I may risk losing the opportunity to be a EU citizen in 1 or 2 years by moving to Auckland.  Any thoughts about this? , hows New Zealand financial industry , job opportunities , possibilities to growth and salary compared to Germany?. 

The second option would be to wait to be a Greek citizen, maybe losing 1 - 2 years of my potential professional life , getting random short-term unpaid internships in the meantime,  spending 4/6 months in Germany improving my language skills (my residency allows me being out of Greece for 7 months)  and then, in 1/2 years  being able to search for opportunities in a country like Germany or Switzerland. 

Thank you very much for your help, I am feeling desperate and sad. 

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