Moving from Generalist MM PE to Tech Growth Equity

Hi All,

I'm currently in my first year at a generalist MM PE firm, right out of undergrad (state school target like UMich, UVA). The firm is decently well known, especially on its coast (most analysts are from top targets). I receive strong modeling, diligence, and portfolio ops work experience at the firm. I'm considering moving to tech growth equity down the line, an wanted any advice on how to best position myself to move into tech growth equity within 2-3 years (not looking for an immediate move). 

Experience wise, I had a BB Tech IB internship in college, majored in Econ and CS, and have significant enterprise tech sales (1 year FT) experience that I did alongside school.

I'm considering doing things like starting a startups / tech blog, building network on tech investors / startup CEOs, etc to differentiate myself from the tech IB analysts / tech PE associates. Any advice would be appreciated!

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