Moving from LP to Hedge Fund using MBA?

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Hi guys,

Currently I work at a large US Limited Partner in terms of AUM as an analyst. We are also top tier in terms of performance, including our equities group that invests through both external fund managers and internal portfolio managers. I've been working here for roughly a year (I'm 23) in a separate group but have the chance to work under the head of our equities group who is a value-tiled manager. The goal is to learn and work under this manager for 3-4 years (which would also include a promotion from my current position) then transition to a top ten mba and use the networking opportunities there to go to a long-short equities hedge fund post-mba.

Some background on me,
Caucasian Male
Work Experience: 2 years total, Corporate finance 1 year, 1 year as analyst at LP, 5-6 goal by matriculation
GPA: 3.29 from non-target state school (not explainable really, just early laziness and transferred from a community college)
GMAT from last fall is 740
Extracurriculars: founded a business fraternity during my undergrad and post-grad now actively help volunteer at a local homeless shelter doing office related work as well as fundraising events. Also sitting for CFA L2 for June 2019 and can hopefully have my charter by matriculation.
Targets: H/S/W in a perfect world, will also be aiming for Columbia or Stern

Are my goals realistic or do I need to be doing much more? Thanks!

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Jan 27, 2019