Moving from Private Wealth Management to Portfolio Management

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Trying to move in portfolio management from private wealth management. How realistic is it and what work experience/qualifications are required to break in?

About me, I'm a recent grad in a private wealth management rotational program at a major wirehouse; only 50 of us across the country. After a couple of months, I've realized that wealth management is not for me and I want to move into portfolio management asap. I went to a nontarget school but graduated with a dual degree in finance and real estate (3.6 Honors). I'm in Chicago at a top IB so hopefully that will help re: job experience. I plan on taking the CFA next June and network with recruiters/managers. Idk how relevant this may be, but I'm fluent in multiple languages; I specifically want to work at a fund that focuses on Emerging Markets so I hope to leverage that.

Would it be best to take CFA next June or pursue an MSF at a good university? I'm too young to pursue an MBA and I don't want to wait 3-5 years to go do it when I could be doing something right now.


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Sep 5, 2018