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Have any of you guys seen this done, where a guy you starts just out of college in PWM moves after a year of being with the firm into an IBD analyst program as a 1st year analyst (ex. Joins the bank FT in Summer '07 and joins the Summer '09 FT Analyst class)? Is this even possible? The reason this comes up is that a buddy of mine who graduated last spring and I were talking yesterday when he came up to visit his alma matter for the weekend. I graduate in the fall and was asking him for career advice as I'm just starting my job hunt for a january job. I told him I was intrested in finance, law and a few other fields, however i wasn't sure what i want to do with reality. The guy told me he does PWM and that he hates it. While the hours are good, he just finds the work he does extremely droll and menial, he called himself a glorified assistant. He was telling me that he'd rather be an excel monkey than work in PWM because at least he can aquire a skill-set transferable across a number of areas in finance.

Even though I don't know much about PWM in general, although wikipedia has made it seem reasonable for a sociable guy to get into, it seems like a dead end job in finance if you're not good at it and you get pidgeonhold easily in it. Even though I am looking at other fields, my buddy did throw me an offer because the firm he works for is always looking for hard working people and he'd pass my resume along to his boss, but like him I don't want the possibility of being stuck without much room for growth, either personally or professionally, for the 2-3 years out of school before I go back and get my post-grad degree (not sure if I want a JD or an MBA yet...). Any advice about moving is greatly apprecited.

Also any thought on PWM as a field in general? I used the search function and saw some interesting beliefs, but any more info is appreciated.
IF things go my way, hopefully I'll be doing law, but I don't know, so here's to hoping for something good.

Thanks for the Info

~J. "Scooter Pie" D.

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if you can still get in...or MBA the market is shit

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