Moving from tech to Banking

Hello guys,

It's my first post, however i follow this forum for a long time.

Live in the Uk and I have a 14 year career working in big names and  mix between strategy/management consulting and industry both in the TMT sector. I also have an MBA from a top 5 school in the US. 

I noticed that banks have a TMT practice so i decided to start applying just to explore and test the waters, after being rejected by all major IB banks, I am on the verge of getting an offer from the second largest Japanese bank to work in the TMT structured finance/project finance space. 

does this change makes any sense? I will start a new career in banking however keeping the TMT expertise, they looking someone to develop as banker and this is a VP level role. 

What are your thoughts? I am a little bit reluctant since it will somehow reset my career. 

How this move is perceived by you guys? I haven't decided yet. 

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Jul 24, 2021 - 5:15am

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