Moving London to LA - what should I know

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Hi all,

in the process of moving with my firm from London the LA (hopefully) second choice is NYC followed by Chicago. Any words of advice you can give me on which to choose / generally differences between living in the UK vs US?

Background - Liberal political views, love the beach and hot weather chose LA largely because of this and I have some family my age there which would be nice.
Want to move to the states because i'm young, have always wanted to go, salary will increase by c.3X and have just got out of a long term relationship so nothing to tie me down. I want to come back to the UK eventually because my family and friends are here but want to try something different (also why LA>NYC I feel NYC is just London on steroids)

any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Jun 16, 2020


Jun 19, 2020

Not a ton of groundbreaking advice here but I think LA seems like a great choice.

  • You have the luxury of coming a place people in the States like and respect. You'll be met with a lot of "ooohs" and "aaaahs" when you tell LA guys and gals that you're from London
  • Your political views will mesh well with mainstream Southern California politics
  • The weather is good in LA pretty much year round. Beach and ski slopes are both within feasible driving distance
  • LAX is a solid airport for consultants and there will also be some local work opportunities (depending on which industries youre focused on)
  • NYC is great (and my current place of residence) but agree that it is very similar to London

Put yourself out there, meet people, make an effort to take in the new scenery and culture, etc. and it should prove a life-changing experience. Good luck!

Jun 19, 2020

go for a lakers/clippers game when you get the time to

Jun 21, 2020