Moving past ranking the restructuring groups, what are some of the teams actually like?

There's a ton of IB restructuring rankings that seem to be all over the map. Instead of ranking the groups, it'd be way more helpful if some rx vet's could talk about each of the less covered teams' main qualities: reputation, exit opps, management, growth trajectory, recent mandates, etc.

Ducera Partners
Piper Jaffray
TRS Advisors

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Jul 26, 2019 - 10:54pm

Hey RX-prospie, I swear if I had a silver banana for every lonely thread I posted too I'd be richer than @compbanker ...

  • What are the top restructuring/distress debt advisory teams on the street for 2020 Summer Analyst recruiting? Advisors, Centerview? Where do these stand compared to some of the more established players? (Lazard, PJT, ... I was looking into a ton of different firms: Miller Buckfire, PJ Solomon, Ducera Partners, TRS ... Evercore, Jefferies, etc.) Ranking would be great. Corporate restructuring No Yes 311062 178209 440232 ...
  • DB NYC vs Guggenheim NYC vs RBC NYC (M&A) vs TPH (PWP) Houston for 2019 SA-> FT 100%). No idea what PE placements are like (guessing MM PE at best) Guggenheim NYC: I honestly don't ... the crisis, so relatively new? No idea what the compensation or FT return offer rate is like, so any ... the superday of the bank I do not have an offer yet from. More about t
  • Top Restructuring Groups 2016 Centerview, Moelis, Guggenheim, Imperial Capital, Chanin Capital, GLC, & Ducera(ex-PWP). Top Restructuring ... Rothschild 2.5 tier: Centerview, Greenhill, PWP (if they still have any restructuring presence), Guggenheim ... senior banker musical chairs in the restructuring space and I was wondering how peo
  • Piper Jaffray: Sweatier Than Ever in 2018 Takeaway message: Piper Jaffray (PJC) is a massive sweatshop. Probably one of the worst MMs for ... doesn't sound any different from what I experienced". Difference is this is Piper, a run of the mill ... "We're not like other banks". Not true and is 100% group dependent. Even the &qu
  • Official Investment Banking Rankings: Boutique and Bulge Bracket Prestige much-- will value a bulge bracket experience, because they don't know what some of the ... Greenhill, Centerview Partners, Perella Weinberg Partners Tier 2: Rothschild, Houlihan Lokey, Guggenheim ... of the street for those who can leverage the platform. Guggenheim- See Jefferies
  • Top Restructuring Groups 2019 & Restructuring Questions Need Opinions & Advice: What is the new ranking for 2019 for these listed Restructuring ... Centerview, Miller Buckfire, Greenhill, Rothschild, Jefferies How many RX SA spots do most Restructuring ... if you like distressed? Is it harder to get into Restructuring compared to M&A if you are ...
  • BIG Change: New WSO Technical and Behavioral Interview Guides Jefferies KeyBanc Lazard / Lazard MM Macquarie Moelis Nomura Perella Weinberg Piper Jaffray Raymond James ... 1/20/2014 Update: Perella Weinberg and Piper Jaffray added! 1/13/2014 Update: Moelis and Nomura added! ... copies. Interview prep will never be the same... Using the power of our community, Wall Stree
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If those topics were completely useless, don't blame me, blame my programmers...

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Dec 30, 2019 - 5:49am

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