Moving to Austin from Portland for college... Any thoughts or advice?

First post on here, I am 18 years old who is very interested in business and real estate. As stated in the title I am moving to Austin for college, specifically the community college there so I can gain residency and gain in state tuition for a four year college. With Austin being a very popular city to move to at the moment, especially for businesses, I feel I have an opportunity right in front of me. A big city with tons of money pouring into it from businesses and the substantial economic growth currently going on. Is there any advice on what I should do to maximize my time in Austin being so young in the business and real estate world? I am specifically interested in Commercial Real Estate and business in general. I understand there is a substantial amount of capital involved in CRE which I don't have, so how could I get my foot in the door in that industry? Or even business in general?

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Apr 3, 2021 - 3:57pm

I don't know your personal situation but is there something stopping you from attending UT straight away? Besides a load of debt. What happens if you don't transfer? I'm a student as well and this was my original plan but decided against and just took on the debt. Also, if your username is your real name, I'd change it.

Apr 3, 2021 - 5:27pm

Other than the debt (which is really the main factor) I needed a change of environment for my mental health to say the least. I'm moving down there soon to gain residency quickly and taking classes over the summer. If chose to go there right away I would have loads of debt that could drown me and have to stay in the situation I'm in now. Also thanks for the tip I'll get on that.

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