Moving to FO client execution from COO -Too Old to move? Advice needed.

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Hi All,

Would welcome some advice,

I'm 30. Got and MBA from an ok school (MBA finished as Brexit hit so had to take a non ideal job), got CFA level 1 and working towards June 2019.

My current job is Front Office COO group. I'm VP level. I've done this in both IBD and S&T for some decent firms (MS, HSBC, Jefferies). In the past I worked in Corp development and for a small Strategy Boutique focused on FIG.

I want to get to the sharp end, working more with clients and on deals, not running the business unit.


  1. How do I do it? I've tried networking but not really bearing fruit.
  2. Am I too old? What level should I aim for? I'm ok dropping to Associate but don;t really think analyst is a goer.
  3. Any other tips/advice from people who have done it.



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Dec 10, 2018