Moving to SF...Career Advice

Hello everyone,

I'm currently working on moving to San Francisco from Phoenix. My goal is to end up working as a PM for a long/short, value-oriented hedge fund, but I know that currently I need more experience before I can make that transition. A little background on me:

  • Currently at a $1B+ bank/credit union working as a senior financial analyst
    • Involved in product pricing, market analysis, ALM, and investment decisions
    • Working directly with CEO/CFO and executive team
  • Past experience in economic litigation consulting
  • Passed all 3 levels of the CFA but need another few months of work experience to get the charter
  • About 4.5 yrs out of undergrad and 9 mos out of Master's in Finance (both from top 25 school)

My question is what my priority should be? I know that to get into the industry, I need to be in a better location (CA/NY). I also know that my past experience does not demonstrate the type of modeling/investment analysis that a fund would be interested in. I'm passionate about investing, I do my own research/modeling and have been working on developing various ideas.

Would it be best for me to get ANY job in SF just to get in the better location? Having trouble getting much of a network developed in the city, but is it best to just hold out on finding the "perfect" job through networking? (i.e., something at a boutique investment bank)

I have not posted much on this site, but have consumed some excellent content here. I will appreciate any and all advice and perspectives.

Thank you!

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Feb 26, 2019

I would look at CVA desks or ALM desks at an investment bank. Plenty exit to hedge funds from what I can tell.

Feb 27, 2019