MS CS to IB?

Hey guys,

I am currently an undergrad who is majoring in CS and another finance oriented major at a semi-target. During my undergrad years I was really focused on IB recruiting, interned at a good MM bank and have an offer with a tech IB at a BB (not GS or MS) for next summer. Since I was so focused on IB recruiting, I feel like I just concentrated on maintaining a high GPA, and think that my actual CS skills are not good at all (exams aren't reflective of real world CS skills imo, and I was really bad at both multithreading in Java and my advanced algos class). The other problem is that I didn't get into a top tech banking program (GS was my only option anyway, since I am international, and that is the only bank among Q, GS, and MS that sponsors). My math skills like discrete probability isn't all that great either, and I never took higher level math classes to maintain a good GPA (I tried for quant finance recruiting too lol and never made it past the screening tests, but those were without prior preparation).

I really want to go into VC or start my own company, but I think that given a combination of my lack of software engineering skills, only concentrating on finance during undergrad, and not doing enough projects, I might not become a good entrepreneur or be able to connect with the other technical entrepreneurs at a fundamental level (technical entrepreneurs like people with similar backgrounds). Also, given my high GPA (would probably graduate summa cum laude) and research experience, I think that I can get into a top MS CS program (Stanford, CMU, etc.). 

But my question, is whether I can go back into IB, or maybe MBB after doing MS CS from Stanford or other top school (since I am international I might not get another bank that is willing to sponsor). Also, do you think that going to Stanford might open another set of opportunities that weren't available at my semi-target, like getting an interview with MFs through resume drop, being able to connect with other entrepreneurs who graduated from Stanford or CMU, or making my resume look better when I try to raise money?

Please also keep in mind that I only have an offer for an internship since I graduate in 3 years, so I would have to do an extra year of some kind of masters (or extend my graduation) to maintain my F-1 visa status. MS CS would be a 2 year program, but I can also do MS in Finance or Business Analytics from MIT (again, assuming I get in) which would be a 1 year program.

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