MS Economics or MS Data Science / technical skills & experience needed for macro fund

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My Bachelor's is in economics and my background is in equity research with about a year in crude oil tankers. I genuinely enjoy macroeconomics and I'd like to join a macro fund (eventually).

I've been accepted to both a MS Econ and a MS Data Science. Which is a better route to eventually working at a macro fund? Regarding technicals, the MS Econ degree will cover R & STATA while the MS Data Science will cover MySQL & Python/Java.

One of the things I know I will dislike with the MS Econ is going through the micro sequence, not because I don't have the math prep, but because I don't think the math will ever be applied on the job. I've seen job postings for STEM & data science backgrounds so it seems the data analysis skills are more important but I'm not sure. Any thoughts?

I've gone through quite a few threads and I've read that a Bachelor's in Econ is sufficient provided an appropriate background in FX/Rates/econ research/ at a BB (which I don't have). Contradicting 1. above, I've also read that a MS/PhD econ is necessary for macro funds which usually means experience at a central bank / IMF, etc. This shows that there are multiple paths to a macro fund. If this is wrong, please comment.