MS vs BAML vs DB (in London, Investment Banking)

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I have got the following three offers for a full time associate role (Investment Banking) in London:

All the offers are comparable from an economic point of view and personal fit is very good with all the firms. Clearly, the disadvantage of Morgan Stanley is that, being part of a pool, I do not really know the people I will be working with, but the advantage is the prestigous brand (even if the other two are not bad at all in Europe).

I would really appreciate your feedback.


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Mar 26, 2010

I know FIG is one of the top teams in DB (speaking about Europe) and is really strong in Europe. Since you're coming for an associate role you probably aren't obsessed with exit opportunities and aren't afraid of FIG . If that's the case DB is a good choice. Can't say much about MS and BALM though.

Mar 26, 2010

wtf you talking about? DB top team in FIG? lol. Don't listen to this misinformed idiot. This is the list (according to Thomson Reuters) with the best 3 banks in FIG Europe for each year since 2005. You also see a top overall ranking below (after calculating all 5 years). I got it from another forum:


2009: BAML,CS,Lazard

2008: JPM,CS,Citi

2007: BAML,MS,GS

2006: GS,MS,Roths

2005: GS,JPM,MS

Overall Ranking:


Mar 26, 2010

My background is the following.

I am completing my MBA at INSEAD and I have also a master in Finance from LSE.

I have worked two years in Oliver Wyman (Financial Services practice, London) and 3 years in a London-fund investing in European distressed assets.

Exit options are important for me.

Mar 26, 2010

take MS WITHOUT a doubt. Their London team is very very good. I'm from NY but I interviewed with MS for a full-time analyst position.

Mar 26, 2010

The problem with MS is not having a clear allocation for at least 12 months and the risk of ending up on bad projects or even in a bad team later on (which means worse lifestyle).

Mar 26, 2010

Also, how is BAML reputation in London? I have heard that in Europe BAML, is really Merrill Lynch.

Mar 26, 2010

I dont understand why you are applying for an associate level if you have 5 years experience ...

forget FIG DB - terrible lifestyle and FIG sucks... you cant apply your skills to another sector

heard that a lot of people left ML after BoA's acquisition...

should go to MS. You'll probably have the opportunity to join a sector group...

Mar 27, 2010

I think a lot of people left not only BofA-ML, but also MS.

Mar 27, 2010