MS vs. Prudential Capital Group

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Considering these for an SA, currently at a non target looking to move into IBD FT. Would appreciate any advice.

Morgan Stanley Finance Summer Analyst - NYC
-Not a front office position by any means, but a great opportunity to network for FT by using the company directory and just being the city. I am good with cold emailing/grabbing coffee and was able to land BB ibd interviews doing so but was unable to land an offer.

Prudential Capital Group - Investment Summer Analyst - Not in NYC, but in the area
-Definitely better in terms of skills/experience given the basic modeling for investment grade debt. They also do some mezz/private equity but to a much lesser extent. Past analysts have exited to top b schools/MM PE/ buyside AM.

I would love to get your thoughts and advice, what would you do?
Taking into consideration I am from a non target and networking is my only option to get interviews. However I have no prior IBD internships or modeling experience for that matter, but I did well in the technical portion of interviews with MI400/Rosenbaum

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Feb 15, 2015

Prudential should be your choice - I don't think those two should even be compared for obvious reasons.

Good luck!

Feb 16, 2015

You can still shoot out cold emails and cold call when you're in a different location. You said yourself that both internships are in the Greater NY Area.

Go with PCG. @"yesbrainer" is correct in saying these shouldn't even be compared, because one is MO at best and the other is front office work. If your goal is IBD, your best bet is to take that internship, even if it isn't based in NYC.

Feb 17, 2015

I had a classmate who interned in MS finance and made into IBD (internship) through networking. I would choose PCG if I were you. MS Finance is basically corporate finance. The only thing you will get from there is networking opportunities.

Feb 17, 2015

So he did a sophomore internship in finance and then junior SA in IBD?
Isn't face to face networking a must coming from a non target?

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Feb 17, 2015