MSc Bocconi vs MAFINRISK Bocconi

I am graduating in July 2022 from the University of Exeter (UK) with a BSc Economics and Finance and after this I want to get further education at Bocconi since I am thinking of working in Italy (Milan) and I think getting a master would help me enhance my CV. I have completed two internships in Audit at a Big 4 and at Bloomberg. I want to work in the asset management industry and I am unsure which course to take between MSc Finance and MAFINRISK at Bocconi. The things that attract me to mafinrisk is that it costs half of the MSc and it lasts one year and it is more practical. Would you say getting the MSc in Finance would be worth the additional fees and time or would you say the Mafinrisk would give me moreless the same career opportunities?

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Nov 9, 2021 - 4:34am

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