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Hello All,

I graduated from a very small non-target school with a Bsc in Finance back in 2017. My GPA was pretty crap (3.2/4.0) due to working full-time (financial struggles) while attending as a full-time student. Additionally, I had military commitments as I am part of the National Guard.

I pursued three internships (BB - Ops, Top 5 Health Care - Finance, Top 5 Asset Management - Ops). Accepting FT offer from BB - Ops. I recently accept a FT offer from another firm in defense/aerospace in finance due to the benefits being offered.

Actual reason for posting.....
I have applied to 2 graduate programs at Johns Hopkins and University of Maryland, College Park for Msc in Applied Econ. I am bit confident I will be accepted to both.

Reason for choosing Msc in Econ: I will be able to concentrate more on my studies and have a better GPA compared to my undergrad. I also lack knowledge in Econ (especially being in D.C. Area), while I believe will be very useful within the area.

Future Goals: I want to attend a top 15 MBA program in US or a top 5 in Europe. I am currently aiming to gain 3-4 more years of work experience and taking my GMAT/GRE (Currently aiming 700-720 for GMAT).

What I am asking for:
1) JH is ranked #12 as global university by US news (overall and not in business/econ). Would you choose JH or University of Maryland, CP - given their reputation?
2) Are my above goals realistic, given I achieve my target GMAT as well as a 3.5+ in the Msc in Econ?
3) If my goals are realistic - which institution (JH vs. UMD) will most likely impress the MBA admissions committee?

*Please Note:
Both programs do not require a GRE. I cannot commit to taking the GRE now due to my commitment to taking the CFA.
I will also be applying to Erasmus School of Economics when applications open in November, 2019.
The programs start Fall, 2020.

Below are the rankings of both institutions for Msc in Econ:

Top Universities:
JH #24 in the US and 51-100 in the World. UMD #29 in the US and 51-100 in the World.
US News (Last ranked 2017):
JH #23 in the US. UMD #21 in US.
US News (Global Ranking for Econ and Business):
JH #169 in the World. UMD #31
JH #4 in the US. UMD #2.
JH #1 in the US. UMD #10.

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Aug 30, 2019

Received acceptance from UMD. Awaiting from JH.

Any suggestions?


Sep 3, 2019