MSc Finance at LSE or HEC Paris?

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I have offers to study an MSc in Finance at LSE and at HEC Paris. I realise I am very lucky indeed to have the opportunity to study at either of these universities. I am extremely keen to break into M&A at a top tier bank. I would be really interested to know which of these two courses would be the most highly respected programs within the investment banking industry.

Although studying in Paris would be wonderful, I do not have fluent French (the course is in English) and from what I gather it is extremely hard to get an IB job in Paris unless you are fluent. Therefore it seems most likely that I would have to focus on jobs in London. However the HEC Paris MSc in Finance has just recently been ranked the number one Masters in Finance programme in the world by the Financial Times. But would LSE still be a more highly regarded and a bigger brand name in IB especially working in a field such as M&A in London and NY?

I would really appreciate some advice.

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