MSc Finance LSE/Oxford/Imperial/Warwick

Hi guys, would appreciate some input on my changes to be accepted into the MSc Finance programmes at LSE, Oxford, Imperial and Warwick. Also, do you think I would be eligible for a scholarship at any of these schools? Tuition fees are quite hefty.

My profile:

  • 3.88/4.0 GPA from the best BSCH in my home country, top 3 Scandinavia, top 40 Europe. BSc Economics. Top grades in all quantitative courses. Writing a finance-related bachelor's thesis
  • GMAT 700
  • One year part-time work experience in a mid-sized retail bank (not very well-known)
  • Half-year exchange to a good BSCH in London (not LSE, Imperial, Warwick or Oxbridge, but right below)
  • Interned in London for six weeks doing ER at a large financial institution
  • Good and varied extracurriculars with leadership experience, none finance-related though
  • Teaching assistant in finance courses for undergraduates in the year below me
  • Might intern at Big 4 (consulting), IB or ER this summer

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Jan 26, 2019

Check each uni website as scholarships vary by country or origin, % of fee coverage and requirements. For the academic excellence ones you may be eligible with your grades but double check each uni.

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Jan 26, 2019

Thanks! I'll double check. Do you have any idea whether my profile is competitive for admission to LSE or Oxford? I assume those are a step up from Imperial and Warwick.

Jan 26, 2019
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