Msc Finance Profile Evaluation (Or alternative routes to take)

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Thanks for taking the time to read this:

Degree: MEng Chemical Engineering 2.1 (think Nottingham, Sheffield, Newcastle)
Work Exp: Been employed for over a year in various analyst roles in the downstream sector
Haven't sat GMAT but recently passed IMC.

Looking to apply for Msc finance courses this year (don't want to wait a year whilst I take GMAT as then I'll be 26 when I graduate).

Currently looking at unis that don't require GMAT (imperial, Cass, UCL) but not sure if my profile is strong enough. If not I may look to do the Msc management with finance at imperial or another course like that. I am also currently thinking about studying for the CFA level 1 for June. Mainly looking for both thoughts on my profile and advice on what path to take in order to break int IBD with my background. Thanks for your time.

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