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Hi guys,

I'm Romanian and graduated this year from the country's top Finance program. I'd like to know what are my chances to tier1 (Bocconi) and tier2 (Rsm) MSc Finance programs.

-GPA ~3.6/4

-GMAT 650 (Q48, V31)

-one internship in Unicredit IBD division Romania+Austria team (3m), one internship at a boutique investment banking firm (3m), trainee at a fintech (trading simulator - been thought about currency, fixed income, commodities trading and traded on the simulator; weekly meeting, ~8m training)

-Erasmus study abroad semester at ICMA Centre, UK

-took part in several finance related student competitions (CFA Research challenge, energy, FIG) - received decent results: for CFA  2nd nationwide

-enrolled in a students investment group and leadership position within it

-IELTS 7.5

-Dissertation thesis 10/10

-Also involved in sports during my pre-university years (played competitive basketball for 9 years) if this matters in any sense

I've been busy with studying for GMAT, so I will eventually get a job until academic year 2022-2023 starts.

What are my chances to the mentioned programs and what are my other options? (I don't think that I'll be able to take the GMAT again as I'm exhausted after my first attempt)

Already applied to RSM.

Thanks a lot!

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