MSF Chances in California (Non-Target 3.0 GPA, Econ Major)


I am contemplating different strategies of breaking into ER after working in a back office role for a year after undergrad. MSF programs for the year have already started so my best hope would be to apply for next summer. I am located in soCal and have been thinking of applying to USC, UCI (new program), and UCR. What are my chances of getting into USC if I do great on the GMAT (740+), along with a possible CFA level 1, and shitty 2 year BO experience? Or should I forget about USC and apply to UCI/UCR? How relevant would MSF ranking be if I don't have any experience in investing (Unless I can get an internship during the MSF)? Thank you for the help.

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Jul 10, 2017


Jul 20, 2017

Any advice would be helpful.

Jul 21, 2017

check admitted student profile - why would you ask it here

For USC, in general you'd be OK given your assumptions

M7 MBA, iBanking. Top MSF grad. AntiTNA. Truth is hard to hear! But... :
DickFuld: Yeah....most of these people give terrible advice.:
Jul 21, 2017

The GPA will make it tough. If you do very well on the GMAT you should be fine though. Definitely apple.

The other programs shouldn't be an issue.

Jul 21, 2017