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I've graduated with a bachelor's degree from a non- target finance program; after working for a few years in different finance jobs, I've decided to get a MSF and re-brand myself. I have a 3.1 GPA with average gmat scores. I chose MSF over MBA because it's a more technical degree and can be finished within a year.

I would like to get into corporate banking after graduation. I was in commercial banking and most recently I was contractor for a BB Equity Research.

I've gotten accepted to Fairfield MSF, and Pace MSIM and spoke to admissions from Bentley University, saying that they liked my profile. I've applied to Baruch MSF, and that's the school I want to go to because of location and placement, but I'm not sure I'll get in. I know that Fairfield is a better school than Pace, but do you guys think that it's worth going to? I spoke with the Dean of the program and he told me that they had extensive alumni base in Morgan Stanley and UBS, but I don't know what type of roles. Are there anyone here that has done the program at Fairfield? Or should I look into Bentley? But I live in the NYC area, I would need to relocate to Massachusetts.

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May 16, 2016 - 12:11pm

Following should give you a general idea of Baruch MSF... I havent heard of Pace and Fairfield is OK (not competitive at all)…………

The only advantage Baruch have is location...

In my opinion, its going to be tough for you as an international student to get a decent gig at a BB from either of the schools you mentioned. Ask schools for prior placements and roles...look up past graduates on LinkedIn to get a general idea..

May 16, 2016 - 6:39pm

Baruch wins simply because of the location. None of the other schools are better or worse than the other. I would say you have slim to none odds of landing a FO role from any school other than Baruch and even Baruch will be very tough.

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