MSFin v.s. MBA

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Hey guys! I just had a couple of questions that I'm sure has been asked before on the forum.

I'm an Asian-American senior at a non-target school with a dual major in finance and economics. My recent unofficial GMAT score is a 710 and I had two internship as an UG as a fin advisor and one for ed jones here in St Louis. My problem is with only 3 courses left I predict my GPA is going to end up being an aggressively average 3.2. If it was 3.5+ that'd be different.

I'm 21 and I'm trying to pursue a career in ER although I wouldn't turn away from a small entry IB position. At 18 I had a chance to work for my family where I'd earn 70k min-100k max a year for the rest of my life but I believe I could do better if I invested in higher education therefore if I'm not earning 70k+ within the first several years I might as well have not went to school because I'll have some debt as well.

I'm at a point in my life where I can finance grad school right after graduation in Dec '18 but if I wait 3-5 years I might not be able to.

I do have an interest in acquiring either a MSFin or MBA because I believe it will help me push pass that 70k hurdle. I understand the quintessential difference between the two and why some might get one over the other. I was wondering in my position which of the two would benefit me the most? I intend to pursue a CFA while in grad school. If yes to either MSFin or MBA, then which schools are good for someone in my shoes? I know I probably don't have a chance at a T5/10 of either with a 3.2 that's why this is so hard for me because from what I understand a MSFin from anything under T15 is not all that useful. Any insight or guidance would be appreciated.


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May 9, 2018