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Hey Guys,

Looking to get some feedback on applying to NYU MSRED. Thinking about applying and was looking to see if it is worth the investment.

30 years old
undergraduate: small liberal arts college : GPA 3.0

Previously worked in finance on a sales desk for a boutique investment bank raising capital through private placements, etc. Also raised money for private real estate funds.

Left at 26 and opened a restaurant. Just opened my second restaurant. Doing well in that business.
Also work for my father's small general contracting business. Annual revenues 2-5 million a year. Being working there for the last two years.

Taking classes in construction management and estimating at a local community college.

Looking to get into restaurant real estate development. Would love to work for a group that builds and also manages the restaurants. Something along the lines of Merchant Hospitality.

Figured with my background in construction and the fact that I want to continue to open more restaurants that it would be a good fit to join a growing real estate development firm .


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Nov 12, 2017

Go for it!

Nov 13, 2017

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Nov 13, 2017