Much Needed Job Advice - Recent Masters Grad in Unique Situation

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Hey all, been lurking here for a while and finally decided to ask for help on this site. Cool background, shitty ending so far.

Graduated 2010 with BS Fin, worked at BB in trade support, networked my ass off and got into prop trading, and then decided to do an entrepreneurial venture into real estate with income from prop trading. Did well for the first year and half and then things fell through with, in hindsight, bad investments. Made a decision to get into project management/consulting to push off grad school but ultimately the 95% travel was not for me and went for my Masters in Finance instead of MBA. Why? Didn't get into Top 7 MBA and the Masters was a full scholarship.

Now I'm 3+ months out of grad school without a job offer ( I had 2 BB offer, accepted one, declined the other, accepted offer got rescinded in June because of restructuring, so I got #$%^)

My goal is to get a role in capital markets/banking. But I have 6 years of work experience with a Masters (not MBA). The thing is, analyst programs at banks usually look for undergrads, and associate programs goes toward MBA students. At this point, I'm looking at experienced hires, but of course they want people with experience in such capacity.

My questions is, how should I pursue the search at this point? I'm networking my ass off and tapping into both alumni networks, but the most they can do is really forward my resume, some may push for me, but haven't gotten much luck. I'm looking to get into cap market/banking and searching across all types of firms, but maybe I should lower my standards to get in the door? I'll pound the pavement as long and as hard as I have to. But I do want to make sure I'm doing it the right way or it'll just be a waste of time. Any guidance, advice, and point in a direction would be greatly appreciated.