Mutli-Exit Entrepreneur Looking To Shift Into VC/PE/HF

Hey guys, Just wanted to intro myself. I've built and sold a few tech co's. Background is in compsci, and I worked on my phd for while building an AI to predict a startups/entrepreneurs success. End goal is to start my own accelerator, then a few years later my own VC.

Right now I'm a little lost where to start, I've been a 7-8 fig entrepreneur since a college dropout, I did go back and finish up my degree at a shitty school with a bad gpa. I got into a phd program at GaTech for Artificial Intelligence but wasn't fitting in and was missing biz life. So now I'm looking into next steps, not sure if I should go to bschool,

I've been making over multi 6 figures since 2010 so I don't exactly see myself going backwards to work 100 hours a week as an analyst. But at this point maybe that's whats required. I'd like to get a good job at a VC/PE to learn the ropes for 4-5 years and then open my own shop. Any advice is appreciated.

I live in ATL and am open to living in NYC/LA. I've considered Columbia but no idea how I'd get in tbh or if I even need/should go that route. I'm excellent with numbers, and have had about 500mm in direct impact (companies built/sold/managed/funds raised/etc), largest company I built/helped build was 75mm acquisition and 40mm annual rev. I've been the VP of Ops for a 40mm/year management consulting firm which I took from 6mm-40mm in 18 months directly in charge of the turnaround. I've also helped friends raise cap for their startups in exchange for commission, so I have a good rough understanding of raises.

Feel free to connect if you wanna talk - open to chat.

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Apr 25, 2019