My chances for an MBB job?

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I'm currently working for a major Oil & Gas Company with good name recognition (A usual client for McKinsey). I have a deep interest to join a top management consulting company (McKinsey, Bain or BCG). Below is some info about me:

Age: 36
15 years experience in the oil and gas industry (3 years in a Gas Plant, 2 years in a Refinery and rest in engineering consulting)
BS degree: Chemical engineering
MSc degree: Materials Engineering
Published a number of technical papers
Some voluntary work

How do u assess my chances in general?

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Feb 20, 2010


Feb 20, 2010


Feb 20, 2010

MNS, it's worth giving it a shot. You're bringing in some good industry experience (and contacts!) so should be attractive, but you will need to hit the ground running i.e. learn the ropes quickly and manage and sell work at the same time. Try to get a referral by a friend / former consultant and take it from there.

As you use this forum, ignore some of the muppets posting here. You will get advice from stars as well as worthless remarks from people who never have achieved or will achieve anything, apart from banging that slightly fat chick with the still ok face one night.

Feb 20, 2010

at this point its all about who you know and your network

i've seen industry people go in at this stage

you might be older than your peers though

Feb 20, 2010

What level could he expect to be hired at? Would getting a post-MBA job ("Consultant" at the Bs, "Associate" at M) be a big drop in pay/prestige?

Feb 20, 2010

Thanks for the replies
Well, I have to tell you, the age thing was worrying me a bit but 2 things remind me not to worry too much:

1-It's a consulting Job, so you need the experience. We hire Mckinsey a lot in my company and its always the older guy in their group (>40years old) that we considered his opinion because he got the experience (the <30 guys were mainly working in data gathering and some analysis)

2-I got a friend who just joined Bain, according to him, there are people who join at their late 30's. They usually do well because of the experience and get their promotions fast.

As for prestige, here are my thoughts:

1- I don't expect to join at an entry level position (of course, I will have to do some entry level activities for the sake of learning the trade). So, if I join as a consultant, work hard and do well, I shouldn't be placed too far from other of the same age group within a few years.

2-I visited Mckinsey site and had a look at their employee profiles. There was a good number of 35-37 years olds who were at the "Engagement Manager" or "Associate Principle" levels. I won't be too different from them

Feb 21, 2010