My chances for top MSF program in US?

Hi all,

I wanted to check my possibilities for getting into top MFin or MSF programs in U.S.

Working experience
- 2nd year analyst at a global boutique M&A shop in North Asia (think Japan, China, or Korea) -> I have a very solid resume because I polished it many many times
- Graduated from one of the top liberal arts colleges in U.S. - GPA: 2.7 -> I think GPA would be a killer for me now.
- GMAT: 750
- Extra curricular: 1) Started a start-up company when I was in the college, 2) Military service for 2 years (Marine special forces), 3) Backpacked Latin America for 6 months
- Age: 28 -> I know it also could be a killer since I am pretty old for MFin. As I served in military for 2 years and took an year off for backpacking and internship, I know I am pretty old to start as an analyst in U.S. (Pretty average in my country thou)

I am thinking about MFin for following reasons,
1) Work/ Life balance - I still love my job, but not my house. I want to do banking in U.S. (It is a f***** sweat shop. I usually get out of the office around 3-4am and get back to the office at 9 30am. I work 7 days a week. Also, I can see my MD is totally incapable for winning mandates)
2) Resetting my GPA just in case I want to pursue MBA later.

I would really appreciate your answers. Thanks!

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